NBPhO News

  • CamScanner tutorial

    Here is the tutorial on how to scan and upload solutions with CamScanner: CamScanner tutorial.pdf

  • NBPhO 2021 experimental equipment

    Here is the list of equipment needed for the experiments:

    • At least three (3) pairs of large colorless medical semi-transparent LATEX rubber gloves (sizes XXL, XL, or L). Nitrile gloves are NOT suitable! Vinyl gloves are NOT suitable! Gloves must be made out of LATEX rubber! (Available from pharmacies.)
    • One (1) roll of transparent and strong office tape.
    • One (1) pair of sharp scissors of at least medium size.
    • At least four (4) sheets of A4 or larger size millimeter (1mm) graphing paper. (If not available, can be printed using attached PDF.)
    • Three (3) rulers, one (1) of which is at least 30 cm long.
    • One (1) flexible measuring tape with a length of at least one meter (1m).
    • One (1) extra-fine point universal surface marker. (For example an extra-fine point permanent marker or CD/DVD marker.)

    In case of questions about equipment list contact

    Examples of equipment:

  • NBPhO 2021 info

    Competition timeline (Helsinki/Tallinn time zone, UTC+3)

    Testing session – Thursday, May 6th, 18:00 o’clock
    Competition – Saturday, May 8th, 10:00-15:00 o’clock
    Grading – Sunday, May 9th, and Monday, May 10th.
    Moderation – Tuesday, May 11th. Students will have 24 hours for submitting their claims.
    Final results – Wednesday, May 12th
    Final ceremony – Thursday, May 13th


    A maximum of 120 contestants is allowed. Main countries (Finland, Estonia, Sweden, and Latvia) can send a team of around 20 contestants. Guest countries can send a team of 5 contestants. There is still room for one or two guest countries. For participation please send an e-mail to with all the names, ages, and e-mails of Your team members.
    All contestants (main and guest countries) that participate in the competition receive a diploma of participation. Virtual medals will be given to any contestant that does well in the competition. Only contestants from the main countries can receive a non-virtual prize.
    The competition lasts for 5 hours. The students are expected to join the zoom meeting 30 minutes in advance. Supervisors and hosts are expected to come 1 hour in advance. Zoom supervisors are only from the main countries.

    Instructions for students In addition to the standard rules of the competition:

    • Toilet breaks are allowed during the competition and there is no need to inform us about it.
    • You do not need to remove labels from your snacks or water bottles.
    • If your internet connection fails, contact one of the coaches of your country.
    • We allow the same device for streaming and for viewing of the problems.
    • The setup should be such that the supervisors can see your workstation in full. An example will be provided in the test session.
    • Contestants should mark clearly on their solution what problem they are answering.
    • In moderation the contestants submit a written claim based on the grading scheme. The grader either accepts or rejects the claim.

    Experimental setup

    Details about the experimental setup will come on Monday (by the latest).

    Testing session

    We will organize a testing session on Thursday, May 6th, at 18:00 o’clock (Helsinki/Tallinn time zone, UTC+3). All students and supervisors are expected to participate.

    Participation fee

    Main countries – 20 euros per contestant 
    Guest countries – 30 euros per contestant  
    Regarding the fee, the team leaders will be connected personally during the next week.

  • NBPhO 2021 date changed

    Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen scheduling conflicts, we had to postpone this year’s competition. The academic committee has decided that NBPhO 2021 will be held as an online competition on Saturday, May 8th, 2021.

  • Results published

    The final results of NBPhO 2020 have now been published under “NBPhO 2020”.