NBPhO News

  • Final results published

    Dear contestants and team leaders,
    The final results of NBPhO 2021 are published now.
    Final results

  • About the final results and the ceremony

    Due to a high number of moderation claims, we had to delay the publishing of the final results to May 13th (hopefully around 13:00 o’clock UTC+3).
    The final ceremony will be held via Zoom on May 13th at 19:00 o’clock. All contestants and team leaders are welcome to participate. Zoom link for the ceremony will be provided via e-mail.

  • Preliminary results published

    Preliminary results are now published here:

    Grading of the experimental part has taken more time than we anticipated. So, if you see “nc” or “NE” instead of points, this means the grading is not finished yet. We will update the results as soon as possible. May take a couple of hours. In the meantime, you can start reviewing other problems and preparing your claims.

    Deadline for submitting your claims: May 12th 08:40.

  • CamScanner tutorial

    Here is the tutorial on how to scan and upload solutions with CamScanner: CamScanner tutorial.pdf

  • NBPhO 2021 experimental equipment

    Here is the list of equipment needed for the experiments:

    • At least three (3) pairs of large colorless medical semi-transparent LATEX rubber gloves (sizes XXL, XL, or L). Nitrile gloves are NOT suitable! Vinyl gloves are NOT suitable! Gloves must be made out of LATEX rubber! (Available from pharmacies.)
    • One (1) roll of transparent and strong office tape.
    • One (1) pair of sharp scissors of at least medium size.
    • At least four (4) sheets of A4 or larger size millimeter (1mm) graphing paper. (If not available, can be printed using attached PDF.)
    • Three (3) rulers, one (1) of which is at least 30 cm long.
    • One (1) flexible measuring tape with a length of at least one meter (1m).
    • One (1) extra-fine point universal surface marker. (For example an extra-fine point permanent marker or CD/DVD marker.)

    In case of questions about equipment list contact

    Examples of equipment: