NBPhO News

  • NBPhO 2023 dates

    NBPhO 2023
    April 14-16th, 2023
    TalTech, Tallinn, Estonia

    Registration: March 6th – April 3rd, 2023

  • Preliminary results and moderation

    Update: preliminary results are published (time: 07:32).

    Dear students and team leaders,

    Preliminary results (with contestant codes only) will be published tomorrow at 8.00. If possible we will publish earlier but don’t count on that, the grading is likely to take all night.
    Important: there will be a registration for “Moderation of marks” via Google forms. The link to the form will also appear at 8.00. The registration will be open till 10.30.
    Hopefully there will be no delays.

    For now, have a good night!

  • Update

    Dear students,

    Definitely go and participate in “Physical orienteering.” You will get some fresh air, see our beautiful campus, and it’s extremely fun!
    The solutions and the grading schemes will be published tonight after dinner.

  • Solutions

    Dear students,

    You will see all the solutions tomorrow after competition round 2.

    For now, enjoy dinner and relax!

  • Updates

    Dear contestants and team leaders,

    The updated schedule can now be found under “NBPhO 2022” from the main menu. Notice that one of the competition rooms was changed from U02-102 to U04-103.
    We will keep updating the info under “NBPhO 2022”