Changes due to recent events

Dear contestants and team leaders,

We are writing to you with details regarding the cancellation of NBPhO 2020 event at TalTech and what happens next. We are deeply disappointed that we cannot deliver the olympiad as it was planned for so long. Due to coronavirus outbreak the competition as a get together event is no longer possibe.

There are no plans to cancel the olympiad completely for this year. Instead we are working on an online (or partially online) solution. The theoretical examination is planned to take place around at the end of April, and the experimental part some time later this year. The plan is to give theoretical problems electronically with the time limit of 5 hours (calculators and literature access allowed). 10 best participants from each country will then be invited during the fall to Tallinn (exact date to be determined later, based on the corona virus evolution and the schedule of the possibly postponed EuPhO or IPhO) to experimental competition.

We will update the information here as soon as the details become more clear.

Till then, stay safe, and keep enjoying physics!

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