NBPhO 2021 experimental equipment

Here is the list of equipment needed for the experiments:

  • At least three (3) pairs of large colorless medical semi-transparent LATEX rubber gloves (sizes XXL, XL, or L). Nitrile gloves are NOT suitable! Vinyl gloves are NOT suitable! Gloves must be made out of LATEX rubber! (Available from pharmacies.)
  • One (1) roll of transparent and strong office tape.
  • One (1) pair of sharp scissors of at least medium size.
  • At least four (4) sheets of A4 or larger size millimeter (1mm) graphing paper. (If not available, can be printed using attached PDF.)
  • Three (3) rulers, one (1) of which is at least 30 cm long.
  • One (1) flexible measuring tape with a length of at least one meter (1m).
  • One (1) extra-fine point universal surface marker. (For example an extra-fine point permanent marker or CD/DVD marker.)

In case of questions about equipment list contact eero.uustalu@gmail.com

Examples of equipment:

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